How do you find a place to belong when there’s nowhere else to go?

Living alone, eighty-year-old Jim Philips potters in his garden feeding his magpies. He doesn’t think much of his nosy neighbours or telemarketers. All he wants to do is live in peace.

Cleaning out a box belonging to his late wife, he finds something which triggers the memories of a childhood he’s hidden, not just from his overprotective middle-aged daughter, Helen, but from himself. When Jim has a stroke and begins speaking another language, Helen is shocked to find out her father is not who she thinks he is.

Jim’s suppressed memories surface in the most unimaginable way when he finally confronts what happened when, as a ten-year-old, he was forced at gunpoint to leave his family and trek barefoot through the mountains to escape the Greek Civil War in 1948.

A Perfect Stone is a sweeping tale of survival, loss and love.

S.C. Karakaltsas is the author of  historical fiction, Climbing the Coconut Tree, and contemporary short fiction stories, Out of Nowhere. She has received awards for two of her short stories and has work  published in the Lane Cove Literary Awards Anthology and Monash Writers Anthology.

She is also a blogger and reviewer. Check out blog posts (https://sckarakaltsas.wordpress.com/latest-newsblogs/ ) and book reviews (https://sckarakaltsas.wordpress.com/reviews/)


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