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I’m S.C. Karakaltsas and I like to write historical fiction novels and short stories about little known places and events in history although I tend to get stuck in my favourite year – 1948.

My debut novel, Climbing the Coconut Tree was set on a remote island in the central pacific and was inspired by the real life murders of two Australians.

My next novel, A Perfect Stone, a best seller in Canada and Australia, is set in Northern Greece during the Greek Civil War and was inspired by the forced evacuation of more than thirty-eight thousand children from the war zone.

My latest book, The Good Child is set closer to home in Australia and spans decades from the early 1930’s to the tumultuous and heady 1980’s when greed was considered to be good.

I also read a lot so if you’re looking for something to read, check out my book review blog.

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I hope you’re keeping safe and well during these troubling times. In the meantime, please feel free to explore and enjoy my website.

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The Good Child is a compelling story of two very different women: 72-year-old Lucille, with a hidden tragic past, and 30-year-old Quin, whose ambitions lost her everything.

Everyone hates Lucille for what her son Tom, did and she can’t blame them. He’ll probably go to jail. She’s to blame too — she ignored all of his faults perhaps even encouraged them. She never wanted him in the first place. But that wasn’t her first mistake. She’d ignored her grandmother’s warning that if she married the man she loved, her life would be a disaster. She was right too.

Now Lucille’s on a train with no money and no home. All she’s left with is a blind overprotective love for her son, but even that is now pushed to the brink as she comes to terms with her actions and those of Tom’s.

Quin worked for Tom and knows exactly what he’s done because she helped him do it – she turned a blind eye to the corners he cut and the lies he told. Now, she’s lost everything and it’s her own fault. She wants revenge.

Then she meets Lucille on the train and finds herself facing her past and her future.

Rich in detail and epic in scope, The Good Child is a powerful novel of emotional and financial resilience, loss and unexpected friendship.