Out of Nowhere: a collection of short stories

I hear a woman’s screams, deep in my head. Mine.
I’m out of control.

Hot on the heels of her debut novel, Climbing the Coconut Tree, S.C Karakaltsas showcases a collection of relatable yet at times unnerving and riveting stories where the unexpected takes us by surprise.

In ‘The View from the Hill,’- first included in the Monash Writers Group Anthology 2016 – a couple make a shocking discovery during their summer evening stroll. ‘The Surprise,’- shortlisted in the Lane Cove Literary Awards 2016, – follows a mother and son’s life changing journey. Transported to a café in ‘The River,’ a woman wonders, “Am I the only one who sees?” before the screams begin. And in the unforgettable title story, a man grasps why his wife is unhappy, too late.

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BarbarinaS  said on Amazon:

This was hard for me to review as I don’t always enjoy the short story genre. However, once I started reading I was fascinated. The stories are imaginative, very different even to each other and beautifully written with a distinct Australian voice. There is an intellectual flow through the language that is insightful and almost taunting because when the ending comes we are often left wondering what just happened. At the same time the author has also managed to capture the laid back feel of the Australian lifestyle so we accept what are not told.
A very interesting and worthwhile experience.


Katharina Fares, author of View from a Barred Window said on Goodreads:

This collection of exciting short stories contains a wide range of human experiences and relationships. The story events could happen anywhere around us, but I felt I was present at the places where they happen.

The author is weaving threads between her characters which increasingly reveal their relationships. The exploration of past experiences and their impact on the current lives of her people adds depth to her stories. She inserts subtle hints creating suspense, which is leading the reader to surprising endings.

I love the author’s precise descriptions of settings and interactions of her characters. She uses language sparingly but her choice of words, particularly verbs, is picturing scenes and people vividly, and compels the reader to identify with them.

S.C. Karakaltsas is a writer whose impressive style is able to capture the attention of modern readers who lead busy and hurried lives.  

Nicole Hayes, award winning author of A Shadow’s Breath said on Goodreads:

Original, funny, and covering a broad range of characterisations and story settings, Out of Nowhere was a quick and engaging read that is tightly written and full of surprises. I don’t read a lot of short fiction anymore, but this one was easy to lose myself in, and I whipped through the collection in no time! Great read!

Prcs Rambharose said on Goodreads:

I am not normally a short story reader however I enjoyed this book from start to finish. Some of the stories I enjoyed were The Holiday…. It made me laugh about the car rental and the roundabouts !!

A Reason To Get Up…. I thought It was clever how the author brought her first book that she wrote ‘Climbing The Coconut Tree ‘ In to this story.

The Robbery…. was interesting because not only was it about a robbery but also as well as this taking place, It was on the same day that Diana died.. I think most people remember this day and where they were If they were old enough to.

Lucky, the last story In the book had a unexpected twist at the ending.

This book contains 16 short stories . It was published by Karadie publishing Melbourne, Australia and this was another thing I liked about this book. It has some references to Australia which again make good reading variety In these stories.