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The Month that was February 2023

A month of enjoying the sunshine with pockets of unwelcome chill for a few days this month.


I had the privilege of attending the Melbourne Theatre Company’s performance of Sunday. The story is about Sunday Reed who in 1934 with her husband John Reed, bought a dairy farm in Heidelberg, now an established Melbourne suburb. Then they invited numerous artists whom they supported and nurtured. One such artist was Sidney Nolan with whom Sunday had an affair.

The play was all the more amazing for the set which if anyone has been to Heidi gallery today will know the house and the oak tree highlighted in the story. But it is also peppered with delightful Melbourne references.

It’s one of the best plays I’ve seen with superb acting particularly by Nikki Shiels. If you get a chance to see, please do.


Once again, I’ve read some fabulous books. Have you read any of these?

Watch out for reviews in the coming weeks.

Until, next month…

The Month that was January 2023

Happy New Year to everyone in this year of the rabbit. The pic was taken while walking around the Flinders Golf Course which has one of the most spectacular views of the ocean.

It’s also been a month of reading, writing and being out and about with family and friends enjoying the warmth that is Melbourne in summer.

And of course, we also enjoyed watching the battles on the tennis courts of the Australian Open.


I managed to read quite a few fabulous books this month, some which were truly inspiring and page-turners. I am proud to say that I am well ahead of my Goodreads challenge which I set very conservatively at 30 books for the year. Perhaps I should revise that.

Check out my review for Exiles.


I am well on my way with my short story collection although it may yet morph into a novel. The stories seem to be taking me in a different direction and for the moment I’ll let it and see where it goes.

Until next month…

The Month that was December 2022

December was as it is for most people, a busy time although we did have a sneaky trip down to the beach at Lorne, two and bit hours south west from Melbourne. The weather? Well, that was cold but nice and sunny as you can see from the photos. The birds were out and about too. The water was flowing at Erskine Falls after all the rain we’ve had. The weather now has only just begun to warm up with a hot New Years Eve. Still, I can’t complain.

Christmas and the New Year period was spent with family and friends and I admit to losing track of the days. But who doesn’t?


My reading for December was solid enough so watch out for my reviews.

Check out my review for Red, White and Royal Blue


I’ve been sitting on my latest novel, The Palace Hotel and have begun planning another short story collection which weaves around a central incident.  But it’s slow going as my head is still in holiday mode.

Happy New Year.

Until next month…

The Month that was November 2022…

This was a month of writing, reading and watching…just a few of my favourite things.

Oh, and I did manage a mini trip down to Cape Schanck which for those of you not from Melbourne, is a delightful spot along the rugged coast of the Mornington Peninsula, a mere hour or so away from home. There are many delightful spots to eat – one of my favourite places is Merricks General Wine Store. It’s close to Pt Leo Estate also a perfect lunch spot but with the added advantage of a vast sculptor park where an indulgent lunch can be walked off. We stayed at the fabulous RACV Cape Schanck and thoroughly enjoyed a relaxing couple of days.

What have I been reading?

A little light this month but watch out for my reviews coming shortly.

What have I been watching?

I was lucky enough to attend the fabulous Melbourne Theatre Company’s play Sunshine Super Girl which tells the incredible story of Wiradjuri Australian tennis legend Evonne Goolagong Cawley. The set had the audience seated on either side of a tennis court making us part of the experience. The performance was outstanding and if you haven’t seen it yet, you still have time as it closes December 14th.


The Palace Hotel is just about done and I’ve been mulling over my next writing project which at this stage is a collection of short stories with a central thread running throughout. There will be more about that next year…

I hope dear readers that you enjoy the upcoming festive season with your family and friends.

Until next month…

The Month that was… October 2022

A quiet month catching up on the reading, writing and watching along with a little outdoor activity starting with a visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens. Those of you in Melbourne will automatically think of the gardens close to the CBD which is fantastic.

What I discovered was that there is another. That’s right!

The Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne is exquisite featuring heathlands, wetlands and woodlands, as well as an award winning display, Australian Garden. The red sand garden in the picture above is outstanding. It’s easy to walk around and the café on site has terrific food.

Then we went to the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens. No royal title for this one. But no less magnificent with its rolling hills of azaleas, magnolias and rhododendrons and breath-taking views, it is truly beautiful.

Both of these gardens would be highlight for any visitor, free to enter and both just an hour from the Melbourne CBD.


Binging on Bad Sisters, an Irish black comedy and Physical, a comedy drama, both productions were extraordinary viewing and highly recommended.

I also attended, Melbourne Theatre Company’s latest play by the extraordinarily talented Virginia Gay, Cyrano. It’s a modern day take on this romantic comedy, most enjoyable and so very clever. See it while you can.


My review of Bodies of Light is out. Watch for future reviews for the other two in the coming weeks.

Until next month…

The Month that was … September 2022


I was invited to speak at two events this month.

The first was at the Generation Women story telling night which is held each month in both Sydney and Melbourne. Women from several generations are invited to share their stories and this month’s theme was Secrets and Lies. Alongside some very illustrious and talented women I lined up to a sell out crowd to tell my secret. I have to confess to shaking a little in my boots and what was my secret? Well, you really had to be there. A very exciting experience.

My second talk was to a Probus group at the Docklands library. Probus, for those who don’t know, is a club for retirees who come together socially. Groups are scattered across Australia, far and wide. I spoke to a group of thirty about my writing journey, the many mistakes I made and how I was actually able to string a sentence or two together. Speaking for about forty minutes the time flew and it was a fun experience.


The highlight for the month was seeing Hamilton. I’m not really very knowledgeable about American leaders but this was not just an enlightening show of historic interest but an extremely entertaining show. The music was inspired and I wondered why rap had never been used before to convey the story. It was so very clever.

And yes, it’s still cold in Melbourne.


My reading this month has been varied so watch out again for my reviews.


My beta readers provided some very positive and encouraging feedback about my new novel, The Palace Hotel. I am in the final stages of editing and tweaking and hoping that it may be released to the world toward the end of 2023.

The Month that was… August 2022

The month opened with a full dose of Covid 19 which I had braggingly avoided for two and half years. Despite my four boosters and healthy lifestyle, it caught me just as it has many others. It wasn’t mild, it was downright nasty but I did recover and am now back on my game once more.


I managed to squeeze in a little trip to King Valley which is about three and half hours north of Melbourne nestled at the foot of the Alpine ranges. And yes, snow capped mountains were in sight. A gorgeous spot for wine, food and views.


I had more time for books. So a bit of covid reading got me through. Watch out for the reviews.

Until next month…