Cover Unveiling Coming Soon

I’ve done this before.

So you’d think I could decide on a cover fairly quickly. It should be an easy process. But it’s not. Anthony, my cover designer has the patience of a saint.

I chew on my fingernails and ponder. Is the art work right? Is the font the right size; is it in the right spot? Does the blurb make any sense to anyone else but me? Is the layout good enough? Is it eye catching enough? Then finally I think it’s nailed and I stuff up the dimensions of the book. And I find out that size really does matter. So many things to think about.
Yes, getting the book cover right is time consuming.

So where is the cover for ‘Out of Nowhere’, you ask? Coming out soon.

4 thoughts on “Cover Unveiling Coming Soon

  1. Jude

    Being retired and on a small pension I didn’t want to pay a cover designer, so I used my own photography and my slightly more than limited knowledge of GIMP (similar to Photoshop). I’ve had loads of fun creating my covers, but as you say the decision making is awful! What font? What colour font? Size? where to place it? For both the title and the author name. I’ve almost gone cross-eyed trying to make decisions. Then as you say there’s the back-cover blurb. Not easy to condense a book into a maximum of 200 words! I’m glad you got through the decision making – I’ve seen your other post ‘Book Trailer’. 🙂

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