Book Review: Watching Glass Shatter by James J. Cudney


What would you do if the love of your life and husband of forty years dies and leaves you a letter with a confession, so shocking, that if he were alive you’d want to kill him anyway? That’s what happened to Olivia Glass who now must decide what to do with the contents of the letter which has dramatic consequences for one of her five sons.

This is a great premise which hooked me with the blurb. The fact that one son is affected by the behaviour of the father drives the reader to want to know which one and we are well and truly put into Olivia’s shoes as she waits to discover who, and when she does, faces the dilemma of telling him.

Each of the characters are well drawn as we are led through each of their stories one by one and discover, like Olivia that they all have their own secrets. Although there are a lot of characters as each son has his own family and Olivia is supported by her sister, Diane, I didn’t feel it was too much as the author takes his time to explore each one carefully and methodically. I wasn’t hard to find myself thoroughly absorbed by this family.

I follow James Cudney’s blog ( ) and have been interested in his writing and in particular his book reviews for a while. I wasn’t disappointed by this well written novel of family drama full of secrets and twists. Get yourself a copy.

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