The Month that was … February, 2022

Wedding bouquet of Australian native flowers

An exciting month of celebration for my daughter’s wedding. There is nothing quite like a big celebration in the middle of a pandemic which only serves to make it all the more special. In the week before we bunkered down to make sure a covid 19 case wouldn’t ruin things. It didn’t and all went well for a fun-filled day and more than a few sore heads the next day


I managed to keep my reading on track with the following books. Watch out for reviews in the coming weeks.

see my review
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I’ve continued to work on my manuscript The Palace Hotel – refining characters. Like my earlier novels, The Good Child and A Perfect Stone, this latest one is also an historical fiction with dual time-lines and dual characters. The time lines are 1948 ( I can’t seem to get out of that year) and 2000 with the female characters, Ellen and Dana. It’s a mystery with murder and mayhem so stay tuned.


This will be a little controversial but I tried to watch Succession, I really did. I managed eight episodes and couldn’t take anymore. I’d heard it was well written, with great acting and was a black comedy. Maybe it’s me but I thought the dialogue was try-hard, repetitive and monotone. I hated each character and saw no development. Some of the business-practices seemed so far out of touch it was unbelievable. Yes, I know that it is satirical but I couldn’t buy into it at all. Take a look at Veep. Now there is best practice and I’m afraid Succession is just a poor cousin to that brilliance. Sorry to all Succession fans but it was not for me.

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