Book Review: The Kiss by Santa Montefiore

I picked this eBook up from my local library as a new release. Downloading it I realised it was only just over one hundred pages long and is linked to Quick Reads which is ‘part of the Reading Agency, a national charity tackling life’s big challenges through the proven power of reading.’  

As the name suggest, Quick Reads are short books written by authors, some of whom are best-selling authors such as Graham Norton, Jojo Moyes etc and are designed to entice more people to discover reading, particularly in the UK. A great concept indeed. Additionally a quick read can also be an ideal way to deal with your Goodreads challenge.

The Kiss by Santa Montefiore would be an ideal book to entice someone into reading. It’s short but also hooks the reader in very quickly – it has to, as it’s so short. So what is it about?

Maddison turns eighteen and her mother finally tells her that her birth father is Robert, a wealthy television producer. When Robert, who is happily married with three sons all in their twenties, receives a letter from Maddison, his world is rocked. His secret one night tryst is about to destroy his family. What happens next is not what you expect.

This is a light read with a couple of twists which are fairly predictable. But having said that, it does get into some uncomfortable territory and to say more would reveal a major spoiler. It’s a not literary masterpiece but is fast paced and well written partly set in Tuscany. What more could you want?

For those of you want to read but just can’t stomach a thick novel, then try this one out. It won’t take you to long and who knows, it might inspire to read more.

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