The Month that was January 2023

Happy New Year to everyone in this year of the rabbit. The pic was taken while walking around the Flinders Golf Course which has one of the most spectacular views of the ocean.

It’s also been a month of reading, writing and being out and about with family and friends enjoying the warmth that is Melbourne in summer.

And of course, we also enjoyed watching the battles on the tennis courts of the Australian Open.


I managed to read quite a few fabulous books this month, some which were truly inspiring and page-turners. I am proud to say that I am well ahead of my Goodreads challenge which I set very conservatively at 30 books for the year. Perhaps I should revise that.

Check out my review for Exiles.


I am well on my way with my short story collection although it may yet morph into a novel. The stories seem to be taking me in a different direction and for the moment I’ll let it and see where it goes.

Until next month…

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