The Month that was February 2023

A month of enjoying the sunshine with pockets of unwelcome chill for a few days this month.


I had the privilege of attending the Melbourne Theatre Company’s performance of Sunday. The story is about Sunday Reed who in 1934 with her husband John Reed, bought a dairy farm in Heidelberg, now an established Melbourne suburb. Then they invited numerous artists whom they supported and nurtured. One such artist was Sidney Nolan with whom Sunday had an affair.

The play was all the more amazing for the set which if anyone has been to Heidi gallery today will know the house and the oak tree highlighted in the story. But it is also peppered with delightful Melbourne references.

It’s one of the best plays I’ve seen with superb acting particularly by Nikki Shiels. If you get a chance to see, please do.


Once again, I’ve read some fabulous books. Have you read any of these?

Watch out for reviews in the coming weeks.

Until, next month…

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