The Month that was… August 2022

The month opened with a full dose of Covid 19 which I had braggingly avoided for two and half years. Despite my four boosters and healthy lifestyle, it caught me just as it has many others. It wasn’t mild, it was downright nasty but I did recover and am now back on my game once more.


I managed to squeeze in a little trip to King Valley which is about three and half hours north of Melbourne nestled at the foot of the Alpine ranges. And yes, snow capped mountains were in sight. A gorgeous spot for wine, food and views.


I had more time for books. So a bit of covid reading got me through. Watch out for the reviews.

Until next month…

2 thoughts on “The Month that was… August 2022

  1. 9siduri

    Sorry you were ill. Glad you’ve recovered. Your trip looks stunning. My husband and I so far have avoided covid and have gotten vaccinated, but as time goes on, I can’t help wondering if we’ve just put off the inevitable.

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