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The Month that was… August 2022

The month opened with a full dose of Covid 19 which I had braggingly avoided for two and half years. Despite my four boosters and healthy lifestyle, it caught me just as it has many others. It wasn’t mild, it was downright nasty but I did recover and am now back on my game once more.


I managed to squeeze in a little trip to King Valley which is about three and half hours north of Melbourne nestled at the foot of the Alpine ranges. And yes, snow capped mountains were in sight. A gorgeous spot for wine, food and views.


I had more time for books. So a bit of covid reading got me through. Watch out for the reviews.

Until next month…

The Journey of a Book


Courtesy of Andrew Richards

Courtesy of Andrew Richards – Hamilton Island

Do you ever wonder where books go after purchase?

Some stay in their wrapping tucked away waiting to be read. Some sit on a bedside table or bookshelf in company with others.   But a book can be lucky to travel to far off places.

Readers are letting me know that ‘Climbing the Coconut Tree’ is getting around and since publication earlier this year has travelled around the world.

The drink of the day in the late 1940’s in the tropics was gin and tonic. Readers in the Whitsunday’s certainly got into the ‘spirit’.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Richards

Photo courtesy of Andrew Richards -Whitsundays

Set in the Central Pacific, this historical fiction revisited ghosts of the past in Fiji where the murderer was tried and executed in 1950.

Stuck in the vegetation in Fiji


Last month it enjoyed the magnificent sights and sounds of Bali before relaxing on the beach. What a perfect location for reading about life in the tropics?

Courtesy of Sandra Goding

Courtesy of Sandra Goding- Bali

It made it to Byron Bay, too late for the Writers Festival but relaxed instead by the pool.

Courtesy of Susan Richards

Courtesy of Susan Richards – Byron Bay

I’ve heard from sources that it’s been sighted in most capital cities in Australia, Colorado,Paris, London, Italy, Canada and Majorca.

Where next?

If you would like to share a photo with me feel free to send it via my contact details.